Accident Insurance

Traffic Accidents

In cases of car accidents which result in injuries, there is generally a considerable chance of receiving compensation from insurance companies.

It is a common misconception that a driver who causes an accident is not entitled to compensation because of injuries resulting from the accident. Drivers, passengers, as well as others who are injured in car accidents are usually entitled to compensation, even though the same may not apply to the damage to the car itself.

Work Accidents

An employer must, under the terms of collective bargaining agreement, insure his employees against accidents which happen at work. The circumstances of the accident do not affect the right of the employee to compensation from the insurance.

In addition, the employer can be held liable for damages because of work accidents if the accident is caused by criminal or unlawful conduct of the employer or his employees, for example if another employee causes the accident, if safety equipment is defective, etc.

A mandatory marine accident insurance ensures fishermen and others who work on ships against accidents that occur at sea. If a person is injured in such an accident, he is entitled to compensation according to personal injury law.

Non-work or car related accidents

This always involves contractual insurance and the injured person needs to have purchased the necessary insurance to include injuries from non-work or car related accidents. Such insurance is often included in the so-called family insurance or home insurance, as well as special injury insurance.

There is also a possibility that the injured person is entitled to compensation from the employers’ insurance, based on the collective bargaining agreement, even if the accident occurs in the person’s spare time.

In cases where someone other than the injured person is liable for injuries resulting from an accident, in part or in whole, the injured person may be entitled to compensation from that person’s insurance company.


If you have had an accident resulting in injury, it is important to get the correct advice regarding your right to compensation.

In cases of traffic accidents, the injured person is in most cases insured and has a right to compensation whether the driver of the vehicle caused the accident or not.

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